Mr. Chaitanya Maripi
Generative AI & Machine Learning
Professional Experience
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Experienced AI Engineer with a strong focus on building end to end applications who always strives to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements and skills to deliver exceptional results.

• Well versed with techniques like Exploratory analysis (univariate & multivariate), Experimentation (power analysis, A/B), Regression (Linear), Classification (logistic regression, decision trees, kNN, etc.), Clustering (k-means, hierarchical), Affinity Analysis (market basket), Dimensionality Reduction (PCA), Time-series Modeling, Gradient Boosting (XGBoost, LightGBM), Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks.

• Implemented deep learning architectures using Tensorflow and PyTorch

• Prompt engineered and fine-tuned LLMs using OpenAI, Cohere, Antropic, Hugging Face, MiniGpt, Lama

• Implemented and developed proof of concepts using latest research papers

• Developed robust web applications using Django and Flask

• Productionised models at scale using docker and kubernetes

• Exposure to SQL(PostgreSQL, MySQL, RDS) and NoSQL(MongoDB) databases

• Expertise in designing and implementing ETL pipelines in Apache Spark, databricks, Snowflake and Azure stream analytics

• Deployed models in production environments using Kubeflow, Azure Machine Learning, Sagemaker